Thank you to all those who have recently contacted The Addison Road Centre with enquiries about the Centre and requesting information about our Governance. The Addison Road Centre is currently undertaking a process of review and is restructuring the organsiation to become a more equitable and responsive Community Centre. As we have limited resources available to individually respond to multiple enquiries, we have provided answers to your frequently asked questions below.

Does the ARC have a Constitution?

Yes. However, as part of our process of reviewing and restructuring ARC to become a more equitable and responsive Community Centre we will also revise our Constitution, as this fulfils our review on Governance.


What role does the Board play at The Addison Road Centre?

The Board is responsible for the decisions, actions and obligations of the Centre according to:

  • The laws relating to it as a legal entity, and laws relating to the purpose for which the organisation has been established
  • The philosophy, objects, rules and by-laws set out in the constitution
  • Terms and conditions of contractual agreements
  • Board-endorsed strategies, policies, procedures and policies.

Legal duties of Board Members include fiduciary duties, company/incorporated regulatory requirements and general regulatory requirements.

Do the members elect the Board of Directors?

Yes, according to the by-laws members vote at the AGM.  The last Board was voted in by the overwhelming majority of Members and it was the most attended meeting in recent history.  The AGM took place on January 30, 2012.  The Membership democratically voted the current Board in the firm belief that they would effectively address existing disparities.

How do Organisations become members of the ARC?

The ARC Constitution states that all Members must be not-for-profit organisations, however, our review has highlighted that there are no processes or criteria currently in place.  As part of ARC’s current restructuring process towards an equitable and responsive community centre, we will develop a policy and criteria which will be transparent and accountable to the Constitution of the ARC and our Community. A committee and Board of Directors will make decisions and NOT any one INDIVIDUAL.

When finalised, this information will appear on our website and the application process will be made available.

How do individuals get to lease a space at ARC?

The review has shown that there have never been policies in place and no transparency so far in the allocation of leases.  However, as part of our review and restructuring for a more equitable, transparent and responsive community Centre the new management has identified this as an area of Governance that needs to be rectified. We have commenced the development of a policy and criteria that will soon be posted on our website where all artists, writers, etc. will be able to apply. All applications will be thoroughly assessed by a committee that is accountable to the democratically elected Board of Directors.

How are rental levies allocated among members equitably?

Prior to November 2011 there was no formula in place and unacceptable, significant disparity in rental levies existed between Members. The ARC Management conducted a research process in 2011 to find an equitable levy system that will meet increasing demands and costs for infrastructure, compliance and community responsiveness, as well as ensure non-commercial rents. This subsidy acts as a grant-in-kind to organisations and individuals who fulfil community needs and contribute to the arts, culture, community and environment; the four pillars of the ARC Organisation’s mandate.

Are Members able to sub-let their spaces to other organisations and individuals?

No.  However, some Members and Associate Members have sub-leased their space without permission and without following the proper channels and protocols.  This contravenes our Head Lease and the ARC Organisation is mandated to ensure our contractual obligations are met. The new leases finalised in December 2011 detail the legal and contractual obligation regarding sub-leasing.

How does ARC address instances where a Member or Associate Member brings the reputation of the Centre into disrepute, or makes false allegations against the Centre, its Members, Associate Members and Directors?

In instances of illegal conduct (e.g. defamation, libel, slander, vandalism, vilification) the ARC has, and will continue to, take any and all legal action necessary to address and rectify the situation.

In light of the increasing number of instances of bullying and false claims made against organisations in both traditional and social media, the ARC Management is currently reviewing its Constitution to address the responsibility and Code of Conduct of Members, as well as developing a policy on Membership and Associate Member responsibility.

2 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. I am interested in renting a space in a couple of months to teach a small Yin style yoga class, ideally on a Saturday, if the space provided to offer massage which I also do that would be perfect..
    My question is on suitable spaces, I envisage above art gallery as I guessed it was cosy but at this stage I’d be happy for knowing what’s
    available and for when and price guides.. I do not have any Client base but feel that it would offer a unique quality of services offered in marrickville. There are no other specific Yin Yoga in the centre.. I myself have wanted to practise yoga but as only have seen iyengar style being offered there.
    I currently teach a disabled yoga class on the northern beaches and this may be something I would consider trying over in Marrickille also. Basically I am enthusiastic about offering beneficial stress reducing environment that is available for anybody..
    Look forward to hearing back.
    Kind Regards
    Julie Sheekey

  2. Is there a plan in place to make the Sunday Markets more user-friendly and/or a Master Plan for the whole Centre…?

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