False claims made against ARCC

False claims have been made against ARCC with the curator of The Addison Road Gallery and other parties asserting that The Addison Road Gallery and Aerialize have been unfairly evicted from ARCC. In addition, claims of mismanagement and misconduct have been falsely leveled at the ARCC management, with other organisations at ARCC also being targeted through a campaign of misinformation and lies.

Why was the lease for The Community Great Hall to Aerialize not renewed?

The ARC was not able to agree to the terms Aerialize required in relation to their use of the ARCC Great Hall. The Great Hall was built and funded for community use and its ongoing exclusive use by one organisation was not something that the ARCC Board of Directors felt was in the best interests of the Centre or the Community.  The Board of Directors sought an agreement that would meet both the objectives and mandate of the ARCC and cater for the training needs of Aerialize but such an agreement could not be realised. Regretfully the lease was not renewed.

The ARCC Board of Directors sees the Great Hall as the main community facility at Addison Road, one that should benefit the community but also significantly contribute to the sustainability of the Addison Road Centre.

Why has the Addison Road Gallery been told to leave ARC?

The Curator of the Addison Road Gallery has not fulfilled his contractual obligations particularly in relation to hosting exhibitions for ARCC Artists. On 30 September 2003, the Curator of the Addison Road Gallery signed a contractual agreement with ARCC Management, counter signed by the then President Don Mamouney, accepting the management agreement for the space which includes conducting a minimum of twelve exhibitions per year at the Gallery. This has not been fulfilled.  Furthermore,  the  rent on the Art Gallery space is significantly in arrears, despite benefiting from the lowest per square metre rate charge in the Centre; $1.43 cents per sqm with the Gallery occupying 500 square metres.To put this into perspective, 500 square metres is the approximate equivalent to the size of 5 inner city terrace houses – yet the Curator of the Gallery is supposed to be paying $179.28 per week. Scroll down to view the text from a letter from ARC Management to The Curator of the gallery advising of a breach of provision of Lease.

In addition, the practice adopted by the lessee of subletting the space to private businesses was in breach of the charter of ARCC. This effectively means that despite the lessee’s rent being in arrears, income was still being earnt through the subletting of space to art groups and private business, as well as operating a cafe to the public one day a week. The Centre requested information on the nature of the subletting relationship, and no satisfactory responses has been received. The Centre was never made aware of the Art Gallery running a cafe and accepting money from the public, nor did it give permission to do so.

View Page One of signed contractual agreement between ARCC and Art Gallery

View Page Two of signed contractual agreement between ARCC and Art Gallery

As the scans of the contractual agreement clearly show, the management agreement was signed and agreed to by the Curator of the Gallery and Don Mamouney. Hypocritically, however, Mr Mamouney is now actively supporting the Curator of The Addison Road Gallery and not standing behind the terms of the contractual agreement which he ironically created, signed and approved. The Curator of the Gallery has sole control of The Addison Road Gallery with no mechanisms in place for accountability, transparency or governance.

For further information about levies and how The Addison Road Centre is taking steps to introduce a new equitable levy system please CLICK HERE.

What’s next for the Art Gallery premises?

The ARCC wishes to reassure the community that the art gallery will remain an art gallery, which will be accessible to the artists at the Addison Road Centre and those in the local community. ARCC will ensure that the new management of the gallery will be transparent and accountable at all times, and will also ensure that the space will be occupied by and for the community, rather than for the benefit of one individual who is a sole decision maker.

The ARCC also welcomes the Women’s Aboriginal Legal Centre who will now utilise some of this liberated 500 square meters for the benefit of our community.

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  1. Good on you. So many community facilities are hijacked by smarty pants.

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